KTplay takes in-app user-to-user interactions to the next level

While giving mobile app developers and publishers total control to curate, manage, and influence in-app user behavior!

Instant In-App Community

  • Customize & Curate
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  • Growing Influencers
  • Design your community experience to look and feel just like your game. Customize banner images, set your own icons, define forum categories, and feature high quality UGC right on your home page.
  • Discover influencers right inside your community, and support their rise in your community. Engage your stars in discussions, or promote responsible users to become Community Moderators to assist managing your community.

In-App Rich Media Forum

  • Full-Fledged Discussion Forum
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  • Maximize Your K-factor
  • Keep your app discussion in-app. KTplay’s in-game rich media forum gives your users a platform to ask questions, share their experiences, and help others via text, photos, videos and more. All without ever leaving your app!
  • Let your users become your greatest evangelists. With full social network support, KTplay makes it easy for users to share fun content. Incentivize and inspire your users to share KTplay content, and let KTplay drive more organic installs for your app.

In-App Messaging Hub

  • News, announcements, rewards, and IAP can all be delivered securely to a targeted or segment of users. KTplay’s messaging hub also gives users a way to private chat via text, images, emojis and quick links to discussion topics.

In-App Notification

  • Full-Screen Interstitials
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  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Design and deliver a powerful full-screen interstitial notification with total freedom. Drive users to a specific discussion topic, an external URL, or right back into the app experience via deeplinks to maximize engagement and monetization opportunities.
  • Send the right message to the right user with audience segmentation. Boost message engagement by targeting users with tailored, localized messaging, segmented by device languages, app versions, operating platforms, and more.
Your Community, Your Control
Monitor, manage, and control your community in real-time with the powerful KTplay backend. Get a quick view of your community health on a daily basis, or assess metrics for every in-app notification and pushed reward to track, analyze, and optimize performance.