KTplay: Your instant in-game community

Developers realize the importance of building player communities around their games. Instead managing dispersed player communities on multiple external platforms, KTplay aggregates 100% of your players - right inside your game.

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With 100% of your engaged players already spending time inside of your game, it only makes sense to start building your player community from your game up. KTplay helps to aggregate all your passionate players into your own, manageable in-game community that looks and feels like a part of your game!


Give your players more reasons to stay inside your game. While recharging energy or waiting for cooldowns, give your players a fun space to hang out where they can answer each other's questions, share their gaming experience, or pass along strategies via screenshots and video sharing. KTplay's in-game community gives your players more to do inside your game - and more reasons to stay in your game for longer!


KTplay's robust back end empowers you to curate, manage, and create content real-time. Our easy-to-use in-game messaging and reward system turns your in-game community into a fully equipped live ops platform, enabling your live ops team to run events, influence user behaviour, and ultimately increase your game's retention and revenue.

10 Minutes

Easy three-steps integration process to get your
in-game community up and running.

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    Create App
    Get App Keys

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    SET UP

    Dev Enviroment

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    KTplay Community
    In Your Game!

The 10 minutes integration time excludes the time you may want to invest on the designing and integrating customizable community UI, and LiveOps features such as rewards,
deep linking and more.